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Feeling of Death
Once when Rama said "Can you feel that? That is Death." It was a highly charged feeling, like dry-ice, headachy strong, almost like an overhead energy field had descended on the place...he said we should not go as planned, but wait until it passed. I guess it could have been ill intentions being cast his way - or something else...since then I think I have felt the same energy a few times...and wondered about Carlos Casteneda's interpretation of Death an arm's length behind us to the left - this was definitely not our own Death - how do we get located by things of this nature?



David R.
Things are not separate. All is part of eternity-awareness-god-consciousness. But in terms of perception or objective reality, there are physical beings and subtle physical beings or entities that exist. Death is not an entity. It is more a dissolutive energy or consciousness. Rama pointed this out so that you would recognize it easier. Don Juan was just messing with Carlos's fear to loosen him up!!!!

Intent draws things to us. Intent drives the creative and dissolutive and other aspects of our energy. Our ability to align our intent into resonance with eternity determines the level to which we become aware of and thereby more in control of this process. Karma yoga is a good way to align your intent with the Dharmic consciousness and thereby become more aware of how to draw things to you or manifest things or simply living life catching the lines of Dharma that you are supposed to catch.


It's good to look at our opponents as worthy adversaries, as our teachers, and Death as the ultimate teacher.  Carlos Castaneda referred to death as an "advisor".  Death is the last opponent, which we are never going to defeat forever, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't try impeccably.  We know we are going to die--along with taxes, death is the one certainty in life--and presumably we know where we want to be spiritually when we die-- enlightened.  So we can work back from there and decide how to live our lives to get there.  Since we don't know when we are going to die, we need to live each day as though it is going to be our last.

I don't recall Rama making the statement that you mention, but it sounds like it may have been on a desert trip.  Many of the students in Rama's lineage will be making another trip into the desert to celebrate Rama's birthday on Feb 9, 2001.  There's something about the desert which makes it an ideal opportunity to face death.  This doesn't mean that one physically dies out in the desert, but the person who comes back won't be the same person who went into the desert.  You know how when people die they like to put their affairs in order?  A similar etiquette applies to the desert, and in that way the desert, too, is our teacher.  And a similar etiquette should apply in our daily lives--in our meditation, in our sex lives (that's why the French call it the "little death"), and in our work lives.  It's just a bit easier to see in the desert, and that's why Rama liked to take us there.

So I'd highly recommend that if possible, you join us on the upcoming desert trip--I believe details will be posted on this site shortly--and in the time between now and then, that you make every effort to make all aspects of your personal and professional life as impeccable as possible.  That's what it means to use death as an advisor.

Death is something to be treated with respect--not with either fear or morbid obsession--but with respect.



Inner Truth
I think Rama gave you a teaching to help you "type" the energy and to know
that when you feel that feeling to wait until it passes before proceeding. Certain moments are more dangerous than others...the "how" of that is probably a bit complicated and if Rama wanted to give you a technical explanation he would have...what he gave you was a survival training tip. Does it matter WHY some snakes are poisonous or does it matter to know to avoid them when they show up? Rama told us many, many times that Carlos was weird, the one to pay attention to was Don Juan or Don Genaro. Meantime, I would pay more attention to whatever the rest of the adventure with Rama involved. Is your focus on "stop at the red light" or on the adventure/purpose of the magical journey?




In the words of Carlos Castaneda, "Death is a watcher. She is watching our every move, and one day, she will take us away…"

I don’t think there is a way to avoid death. We should be ready to die at every moment. Death is an old friend that comes looking for us. She knows where we are.

How do we get located by death? Microtechnology. We all have a small chip embedded in our being. In Buddhism, it is called samskara. Samskara keeps track of our tendencies, sum total of awareness, and location within the Universe. That’s why we cannot escape the consequences of our actions. Our deeds are being recorded by this microchip, and at the end of our days, the microchip will reveal all information and determine our next rebirth.




Without self-realization you are in the dark. You can't see the reality. i can explain about death, but what is the use unless you can see it for yourself? When you are self-realized then you can ask your own enlightened awareness for the answer. So self-realization is what you need.







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