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Emotionally Cut Free
I meditate daily, yet I find that from time to time a very 'Annoying Person' tries to seemingly drag power and energy from me like a magnet. Can you explain how to escape from this seemingly difficult situation? How do I emotionally cut free from this individual in my life?



Congratulations! You have accomplished the beginning stage of mindfulness. You have paid attention long enough to find out what is running through your mind. Thoughts of the "Annoying Person" are very common in spiritual practice. The Annoyer is giving you a chance to grow.

First, you may want to take a step back from the situation and ask yourself what exactly is annoying about this person. Why does the Annoyer affect you that way? What belief or attitude are you holding onto that is letting this person push you off balance? Once you find the answers, you can use that information to grow and change into a more compassionate and loving person.

However, that does not mean you should let someone run over you. This change and growth business can be tough work, especially when being targeted by the Annoyer. There is an occult technique that can help you gain some space from this person so you can get on with the spiritual work of discovering who you really are.

When we have a conversation with someone, or when we simply think about someone, we are connecting with them on an energy level; literally, we are forming a line between us. Remember -- energy lines are always a two way street and it takes two to tango. The Annoyer is not doing anything to you that you're not letting him or her do.

So, all you have to do to get out of the annoying situation is cut the energy line. I recommend that you take an internal look at why you're having that reaction to the situation; however, it's not always necessary and it may not be the right time for you to do that. Either way, you can cut the lines any time you want to.

To cut the line with the Annoyer, visualize the energy line (Not the person!) that connects you to the Annoyer. Then visualize a knife (or a sword, or a pair of scissors, etc.) and use it to cut the energy line. Watch the line break and drop to the ground. Let the part that's connected to you shrivel up and fall off. Repeat this whenever you have a thought of the person. Continue to be mindful and shift your focus to something that brings joy.

Continue using this technique until all thoughts of this person disappear. Don't be surprised if this person suddenly calls you -- he or she may feel the energy line being cut and want to re-establish contact. (We all like to be connected with bright people!) Don't play games with this person. If you don't want them in your life, make that clear to them in a compassionate way when they call. If you do want them around, communicate clearly with them and set limits for your interactions. We're all telepathic, and sometimes we get the messages confused. It eliminates a great deal of confusion if you simply talk to each other.


Steps to wash that annoying person right out of your hair:

1. Shower

2. Meditate

3. After you are well into your meditation:
--> a. Visualize a white line between your naval and this persons naval
--> b. Take your strongest set of mental scissors and cut the thread that connects you
--> c. You may need to do this several times

4. During the day, this person will push their way into your thoughts:
--> a. Say NO,
--> b. Cut that line, push them out of your thoughts!
5. Avoid spending time with this person.

I think you had some knowledge of this unconsciously, since you used the word "cut free". I have done this over the years with different people, and it works. Sometimes this technique helps a relationship grow because it provides necessary space and individuation. Sometimes it ends the relationship.

I have found that I am the most annoying person I know. Usually my thoughts and noisy mind interfere with meditation. I think my own thoughts drain me more than other people's thoughts. Go figure. So for me, my discipline is more frequently than not to quiet my own obsessive or neurotic thoughts.

At some point in time, you find that you will give back to the system by allowing that annoying person to penetrate your thoughts, and suck away some of that light. That is called teaching, and I think we all do that. I think that it is natural to share some of that beautiful light that you tap in meditation. However, abuse is abuse, and you have to know when it is time to CUT the line.



This may or may not be what you want to hear, but the most effective way of dealing with people who are draining your power is to make more money. Most of the time if someone is able to drain your power despite the fact that you spend extensive time meditating it is because you are dependent on them in some way. The best way to become less dependent on others is to make enough money so that you have more options in life.

So what do we do to make more money, or to deal with others who are draining us and preventing us from making more money? Almost always the best thing to do is to find something positive that you can focus on in order to build up your personal power. As Sun Tzu observes in The Art of War, you never want to enter into a battle unless you know you can win. So if you're in a relationship which is abusive, either physically or psychically, focus your energy on building up a powerful network of friends and allies who can support you in making a break from the relationship. When you have stored enough personal power that you can leave the relationship successfully, then do so.

Focus as little as possible on the person you are fighting, because by focusing on them you empower them. Focus on what you yourself can do to build up your power. When you have enough power, you will easily be able to defeat them in any confrontation.

But remember, again, probably a lot of the reason why the situation arose in the first place is that you didn't have enough money, so you need to really focus on developing your career.




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