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Marriage New - Sep 13th!
A fundamental tenet of Buddhism is freedom from attachments. If that is so, what is the purpose of the Buddhist marriage ceremony? It seems to be a contradiction, a celebration of attachment within a philosophy that avoids attachment.

Koan New - Sep 13th!
Why is the lamp in the room?

According to Buddhist philosophy, do dreams mean anything?

Women in Buddhism
I was wondering if women study a different Buddhism from men and if a woman can even really be a Buddhist?

The meaning of OM
What does the word 'Om' mean?

I have heard a lot about the need for 'tightening', and would appreciate a fuller understanding of what that entails?

How To Meditate
I recently became interested in meditation. How would you recommend for me to get started? How and when do you recommend beginners meditate?

Structured Practices
I have been involved with another Buddhist tradition that offers a specific and structured path to follow for spiritual development and enlightenment (do A, then B then C, etc.). I have been told that Rama taught very specialized practices for each student. However, he is not physically here now to guide new students. How do new students know what practices to do and when to do them to advance towards enlightenment?

Feeling of Death
Once when Rama said "Can you feel that? That is Death." It was a highly charged feeling, like dry-ice, headachy strong, almost like an overhead energy field had descended on the place...he said we should not go as planned, but wait until it passed. I guess it could have been ill intentions being cast his way - or something else...since then I think I have felt the same energy a few times...and wondered about Carlos Casteneda's interpretation of Death an arm's length behind us to the left - this was definitely not our own Death - how do we get located by things of this nature?

Sexual Frustration
I go through stages where I become sexually frustrated and yet do not necessarily want to have sex with someone to alleviate it; primarily because of loss of energy, direction and the complications that mixing with someone else's aura can bring to my simple life...and I wondered if doing certain meditation techniques could harness this energy better.

Freewill verses Pre-determination
"There appears to be two schools of thought relative to the issue of free will. One is like J. Krishnamurti's, which implies we have a kind of free will which we can use to break through delusion, and the other is like Balsekar's, which says there is no free will and that all is pre-determined, even the desire to break through. What is your view of this issue?"

Emotionally Cut Free
"I meditate daily, yet I find that from time to time a very 'Annoying Person' tries to seemingly drag power and energy from me like a magnet. Can you explain how to escape from this seemingly difficult situation? How do I emotionally cut free from this individual in my life?"

Families, Relationships, & the Pursuit of Enlightenment
"What role do families and relationships play on the Pathway to Enlightenment?"

Starting Over
"I've just found this site and I've been out of the practice of meditation for quite some time. What's the best way for me to get back into the practice?"

"What is Kundalini?"

One year later
"It has been approximately one year ago that our Enlightened Teacher Rama left this world. What's your perspective on various issues one year later?"

Rama's emphasis on career, money, & style
"Why did Rama emphasize career, money, high styled clothes, etc. Aren't Buddhists supposed to be detached from these things?"

Meditation and Career
"How does meditating every day affect one's career, and what does career have to do with the practice of meditation anyway?"

"When I sit and meditate, sometimes I move my hands and feel the movements through my entire body. Someone told me these are the beginning understandings of Mudras. What are Mudras? Has Rama ever used Mudras? Is it OK for me to use Mudras? Should I be using Mudras, or is it better to just sit and meditate deeply?"

Staying Centered
"The more I meditate, the more sensitive I think I am to other people's energy, moods, etc. I was wondering what people do to keep themselves centered. And how to recognize when other peoples' energy is affecting you."


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